Y & M Fixtures & Pitch Rules



U6/7’s/U8’s/U9’s/U10’s – Christmas Party in Donnybrook. Fun Rugby @ 10a.m with
visit from Santa @ 11a.m.

U11’s,/U12’s/U13’s – Christmas Party in Donnybrook. Fun Rugby @ 11a.m
followed by visit from Santa.

U14’s Away to Seapoint. League Match. Meet @ 11.30. KO@ 12 noon.
U15’s TBA
U16/17’s Away to DLSP, Kilternan. League Match. Meet @
11.30. KO @ 12 noon.

We wish all our Members and Players a Happy and Peaceful


Rugby will resume on Sunday 7 th January 2018.




Check out the IFRU new spirt rugby Positive Sideline Behaviour 

New Player Safety Section

We have also created a new section of the website where parents can learn more about player concussion and the new IRFU concussion protocols for players, coach and parents. We urge you strongly to please look visit it. In the section we have videos you can watch to help you better understand this important issue. To visit this section click here

Special rules for the pitch in Donnybrook

  • Players must use ‘detox’ grill at the entrance gate to clean their boots before going on to pitch
  • If a ball is kicked outside all weather pitch area – if it needs to be cleaned use a towel just like if it was a wet ball
  • The pitch surface must be kept as a clean surface all the time
  • Spectators must keep behind the fence. Parents, Siblings, Buggies etc are NOT allowed on the pitch
  • Coaches/Subs/Managers etc: Only those wearing rugby boots are allowed on the pitch.
  • Team coaches/managers/parents etc: Please remember you cannot enter the pitch unless all guidelines are followed
  • No jumping over the fence to get on to the pitch – you must enter through a gate and ‘detox’ grill.
  • No food or drink, other than water, allowed on the pitch area
  • Donnybrook is a Non Smoking stadium
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