Jan 18, 2019

Jamie Boyd wins December Junior Player of the Month


Junior Player of the Month

The Junior Player of the Month for December is Jamie Boyd.

Jamie has been an integral member of the 3XV league campaign to date and his performances  both in attack and defence have been consistently high all season.  His performances have helped the team to their current standing on top of Metro League2.

Jamie’s ability to cover multiply positions across the back line is also invaluable to the squad.




The Junior Player of the Month for November is Cameron Wood.

Cameron has been an integral part of the 5ths squad this season, who sit at the top of the Metro League 6 at the end of November, going into the 2nd half of the season. He has also been very much part of this our very successful 5ths team over the past few seasons helping them win two back to back League & Cup Doubles. This season he has continued to impress not only on the playing front but also with his overall contribution to training every week, where he has stepped in and made himself available to both the 3rds and 4ths squads.  He finished off the month by coming off the bench to help the 4ths beat UCD in a tight game.


The Old Wesley Junior Player of the Month for October is David Priestman. 

David, who plays on the 4ths, had some notable performances during the month and scored four tries in one match. He also displayed a positive club attitude in attending a 3rds match at short notice following a cry off.


The Old Wesley Junior Player of the Month for September is Jeff Dand. 

Jeff was an integral part of the 3rds team that won their two opening Metro Divison 2 matches against St Mary’s and Lansdowne. Congratulations Jeff.



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